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Amazon is currently giving their customers a great deal of Amazon promos and Amazon discounts to take advantage of. One that is still hot out of the oven is for the upcoming Google Pixel 8a. The Google Pixel 8a has recently been unveiled and Amazon is adding in a sweet deal on top with an additional $100 Amazon gift card for those who preorder right now. While you can buy Amazon gift card with PayPal, it’s always nice to get your hands on a ‘free’ one every once in a while, especially if it’s a hundred bucks. This means that those who preorder the Google Pixel Series 8a today can get the upcoming smartphone and slash its $499 price tag down to $399.

Amazon Throws a Great Freebie with Google Pixel 8a Preorders

If the new budget-friendly Pixel 8a’s nifty features aren’t enough to sell you on the product, maybe the $100 Amazon gift card might seal the deal. Learning how to get Amazon Gift Card Code is quite straightforward as well, and you won’t have trouble using the freebie immediately. You can also check your Amazon gift card balance through your account to see how much is left.

Take note that the free Amazon gift cards with Amazon promo are only available until May 20, 2024 (2:59 a.m. ET) or while supplies last. For those who want to take advantage of this great deal, you might not have long to mull over your decision. Overall, the Pixel 8a is already quite an enticing smartphone with its affordable price and feature-rich capabilities. The additional $100 Amazon gift card is just the cherry on top for this amazing value smartphone from Google.

The Galaxy A35 5G is Still Available with a Nice Discount

While the $40 Amazon gift card promo for the Galaxy A35 5G is no longer available, Amazon switched it to a straight-up $40 special discount that customers can avail of as of this writing. The Galaxy A35 is one of Samsung’s solid mid-range smartphones that delivers a well-rounded level of performance, making it one of the company’s more popular recent entries. Additionally, the Galaxy A35 5G will satisfy photography enthusiasts with its impressive camera performance which one can tout as somewhat above its pay grade.

Amazing Deals for Techie Moms this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just a couple of days away, expect to see a huge flow of Amazon promos and Amazon discounts to help celebrate the special occasion. Specifically, some nifty deals with a couple of gadgets are currently active such as with the Echo Show 8, which sees a notable $50 discount. The Echo Show 8 is compatible with streaming services and can act as the central hub for all your smart devices at home. This one is certainly a great gift for modern tech-enthusiast mothers.

By Javy