Among the many fashion trends recently rising to the spotlight is techwear. This unique form of dressing has become common among many people. This dystopian and futuristic style of dressing has gained popularity not only because of its distinctive appearance but also because it manages to blend functionality with comfort while remaining stylish. It is characterized by layered clothes that are breathable and waterproof, making them a great choice for bad weather. If you are interested in diving into this world of fashion, here are the essentials you will need for the tech wear look.

Exterior Coat

The cool-looking exterior is usually the first thing people notice and it can define your look as techwear. When choosing a jacket for techwear, there are many brands, like Techwear Storm, that have a variety of options to choose from. There are different types of jackets as well, all of which maintain the key element of being breathable, waterproof, and comfortable. Some common jackets used for techwear are denim, hoodies, long coats, and windbreaker jackets, among others.


The next essential piece in your look is techwear pants. When you hear techwear pants, you are probably thinking loose fitting with lots of pockets, and you’re right. Many techwear brands incorporate different useful pockets into various parts of their pants. The manufacturer also makes these pants, much like that jacket, from water-resistant material and fits them at the ankles to give a clean look. Alternatively, you can tweak cargo pants by adjusting the ankles and attaching buckles, straps, and more pockets to give them that futuristic look.

Foot Wear

Your shoes can make or break your outfit. Techwear shoes are made of light but durable materials. Much like other aspects of techwear, the shoes are mostly waterproof and designed to withstand harsh conditions while retaining their comfort and style.


The finishing touch on your look will be the various accessories that will complement it. Techwear is all about layers, so adding layers to your outfit will give it a dystopian aesthetic. You can include buckles on top of clothes to add to your style. Face masks are another common addition to your beachwear closet.
Light and comfortable materials protect the wearer from harsh elements, forming these masks from simple to more complex designs. Manufacturers produce different bags, including backpacks and sling bags, using light materials.
Designers ensure these bags are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust to fit any style.

Techwear is steadily gaining popularity because it looks good and allows you to combine functionality with style and comfort. With adjustable clothes and suitable for all kinds of weather, there are more than enough options. Even if you cannot afford to indulge in tech wear yet fully, there are many ways to transform regular clothes into techwear and incorporate them into your wardrobe. As techwear is quickly soaring to the top among fashion trends, there’s no better time than now to be a part of the trend.

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