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Car owners must become familiar with auto transport services and how the process works. Shipping cars is a nationwide endeavor that happens all over the country, from California to New York and all points in between. Visit to learn what you need to know about California car shipping.

The types of services vary and apply to different kinds of cars, from luxury to classic and exotic vehicles. Before choosing auto transport features, make sure to understand the various options, which will help you narrow your choices for a company.

Essential Tips to Simplify Your Car Transport Choice

The objective when transporting a car from New York to California or any point in between is to make the process as simple as possible. Car shipping involves many steps, including picking features to satisfy your needs and fit your budget.

That means doing your due diligence in research to become familiar with the auto transport process and the various options. Here are tips to consider when you’re considering car shipping.

Depending on the company, car shipping can be easy or risky

Becoming familiar with the auto transport service process is important before you schedule the booking. The first consideration is understanding the different types of car shippers and their advantages and disadvantages to enable the best decision-making.

Open vs. enclosed car transport methods

The auto can be hauled using the open transport method or an enclosed trailer. The enclosed carrier offers the most protected, safe, and secure service for luxury autos, classic and exotic cars, motorcycles, and other expensive vehicles. It is closed on each side and has no exposure to the outdoors.

The open carrier exposes vehicles to the outside, including weather conditions, road debris, pests, and other hazards. In most cases, the cars on open trailers are secured with chains.

Car owners should consider the idea that chains placed over a vehicle’s axle can strain the car if overtightened. Also, if they come loose, they can tap against the vehicle while in transit when the car comes in contact with potholes or bumps.

Enclosed carriers use nylon straps to ensure vehicle safety while in transit to avoid damage to the car. These trailers have interior decks and lift gates for the safest handling of low-clearance autos, including race cars and exotic vehicles.

Enclosed car shipping is the securest shipping option, but it’s also the most expensive choice. View here to learn how California’s diverse terrain can impact auto transport shipping costs.

Research for the best auto transport company

The risk of spending considerable time and thousands of dollars on auto transport is high. Finding a company you can trust with your car shipping services is critical. These suggestions will guide you to find the best and identify those you should avoid.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The FMCSA- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site allows customers to check a car shipping company’s safety profile and other facts about the transport company. The most reputable shipping service should meet these FMCSA criteria.

  1. Authorized to transport autos
  2. Below-average percentage for out-of-service
  3. A good safety rating

The FMCSA will also disclose whether a car shipping service is a carrier or a broker. If the provider doesn’t meet the mentioned criteria, it is wise to avoid them as a provider.

Avoid paying a deposit with auto transport booking

If a car shipping service requests a deposit with cross-country auto transport, this should immediately serve as a warning. You should be able to cancel if the service doesn’t satisfy your scheduling needs or meet your expectations. Often, transport brokers will expect a deposit, but carriers will not.

With a broker, often, canceling results in them keeping your deposit and the broker making money despite the service failing to follow through. Carriers rely on customer reviews and testimonials; they don’t take deposits, nor do they have hidden fees.

If the transport needs to be canceled, the carriers will cover the cancellation without costing the customer anything.

Car oddities

Before the driver takes responsibility for the vehicle for shipping, it’s important to make them aware of any oddities, including alarms, kill switches, cutoff switches, and other unusual features distinct to your vehicle. The more familiar the driver is with the car, the cheaper it will be to ship and the safer and more secure it will be in transit.

Including written instructions with the documentation is helpful, particularly if there is a specific method for starting the car, which is often true with a classic or rare vehicle.

Final Thought

Car shipping is an in-demand service spanning the nation from California to New York and any point in between. As a car owner, it’s essential to become familiar with the process to take advantage of the best features and most competitive costs to find the top California vehicle shipping.

The carrier puts your vehicle in the hands of a highly qualified driver who will have sole responsibility until it’s safely delivered to you. It’s essential to give these individuals full disclosure as to the intricacies of your car, so they operate it properly and keep it safe.

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