4 New Innovations in Dental Care You Should Know About

Medicine as a whole has taken massive leaps forward in recent years. Oral health is an often forgotten part of overall body health, but it is no less important. Fortunately, it is one of the branches of medicine that has seen the most innovation. The most remarkable innovations are the focus of this article.

Your Oral Health: Why It Matters

There are many reasons why oral and dental health should be taken seriously. The teeth are vital to overall human health for such physically small parts of the body. More importantly, the teeth are only a small part of oral healthcare, encompassing everything in the mouth and throat. Experts recommend brushing and flossing daily to keep teeth and gums in good shape, but sometimes that is not enough. In such cases, a visit to the dentist becomes necessary.


Here are some of the cutting-edge innovations that are changing oral care: Some of these innovations discussed below are already in use by high-quality dental clinics like Vera Smile.

Sustainability in Oral Care

Sustainability is the “it” word right now everywhere in various industries. Medicine is no exception, specifically oral health care. Dentistry is passing through a transition to environmentally friendly practices.


This transition involves everything from biodegradable toothbrushes made from biomaterials to toothpaste tablets with minimal packaging. This commitment to sustainability benefits the environment and is consistent with the broader trend of conscious consumption.

3D Printing

A significant amount of what happens in dental surgeries revolves around denture replacements. 3D printing has really penetrated into that sector. The main benefits of 3D printing are the precision and customization of dentures. Dentists can now use 3D printers to create perfect replicas of teeth and gums, dental crowns, bridges, and other dentures. 3D printing is simply more accurate, less expensive, and quicker than any other method of creating dentures.

Regeneration in Oral Care

Human beings already have some measure of regenerative ability built into them. However, we had to look to the animal kingdom to find more possibilities for regeneration. These possibilities include regeneration in the event of tissue loss. Scientists are investigating ways of encouraging the regrowth of tooth enamel and dentin, both vital parts of the teeth.


This innovation addresses two of the main factors in medicine: communication and convenience. Tele-dentistry allows people to communicate with specialists in dentistry distantly, getting guidance on smaller problems, weighing options for treatment, and even acquiring medications. This innovation has been highly beneficial in boosting the availability of oral health care, particularly for people living in rural or underdeveloped locations.

Don’t Ignore Personal Oral Care

Comprehensive oral healthcare is not optional and it’s not particularly difficult either. Simply brushing and flossing daily is usually enough to keep teeth and mouths in good condition. However, failing to follow this basic daily routine is what leads to severe oral problems that require expensive visits. When tooth decay or cavities spring up, the innovations discussed in this article become necessary. Don’t wait till you start having challenges, schedule routine visits to the dentist at least twice a year.

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