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Phyllis Minkoff: Biography, Net Worth, Marriage, and Divorce Insights

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Phyllis Minkoff, a well-known figure in American public relations and communications, has established herself as an expert in her field. She was born on February 15, 1941, in Washington, DC. She has experienced a long and distinguished career. As of 2024, she is 83 years old. Phyllis is the daughter of Ida Minkoff and Hyman Joseph Minkoff. She is also recognized for her personal life, notably as the former wife of Maury Povich, which adds a public dimension to her professional achievements. She is Known primarily for her professional expertise. Phyllis also gained public attention as the ex-wife of retired TV host and media personality, Maury Povich. Phyllis and Maury Povich’s marriage, lasting from 1962 to 1979, gave them two daughters, Susan Anne and Amy Joyce Povich.

Though less publicly recognized than Maury, Phyllis played a pivotal role in shaping the family dynamics and providing the emotional support that bolstered Maury during his rise in the television industry. Her contributions significantly impacted his professional life, as her understanding and support helped him manage the pressures of his high-profile career.

In this article, we will explore Phyllis Minkoff’s influential career in public relations, net worth, personal life, including her marriages and role as a mother, and her enduring legacy in both her professional field and family.


Profile Summary of Phyllis Minkoff

Attribute Details
Full Name: Phyllis Minkoff
Date of Birth: February 15, 1941
Age: 83 years old (As of 2024)
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American
Religion: Christianity
Mother: Ida Minkoff
Father: Hyman Joseph Minkoff
Siblings: Larry Minkoff
Marital Status: Widowed/Divorced
Late Husband: Phillip Baskin
Ex-Husband: Maury Povich
Marriage Date with Maury Povich: 1962
Divorce Date from Maury Povich: 1979
Children: 4 (Susan Anne, Amy Joyce, Shoshana, Janice)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Grey
Net Worth: Estimated at $1 million
Famous For: Being Maury Povich’s ex-wife

Phyllis Minkoff is a distinguished American public relations and communications specialist known for her expertise in the field. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Phyllis has made a significant impact through her professional endeavors. Beyond her career, she is widely recognized for her relationships. She married Maury Povich and shares two daughters, Susan Anne and Amy Joyce, with him. She later married Phillip Baskin, who remained her husband until his passing. Phyllis’ personal story features deep familial ties, including her children Shoshana and Janice, and her brother, Larry Minkoff. Her life reflects a blend of professional success and personal resilience, underscored by a substantial net worth and a legacy of influence both in and out of the public eye.


Early Life and Background

Phyllis Minkoff was born on February 15, 1941, in Washington, D.C. Raised in a nurturing environment, she was surrounded by the supportive presence of her parents, Ida and Hyman Joseph Minkoff, and her brother, Larry. This strong family foundation instilled in her values of hard work, integrity, and compassion from a young age, shaping her into a driven and conscientious individual.

Her father, Hyman Joseph, was a successful businessman who founded Acme Liquors, setting an example of entrepreneurship and dedication. Her mother, Ida, provided constant emotional support, guiding Phyllis and her brother toward personal and academic success. Inspired by her family’s principles, Phyllis excelled academically and emerged as a leader, poised to make significant professional contributions.


Marriage to Maury Povich

Phyllis Minkoff’s life changed significantly when she met Maury Povich, an emerging television personality. Their romance led to marriage in 1962, laying the foundation for a relationship filled with love, laughter, and mutual respect. Together, Phyllis and Maury navigated the complexities of life, supporting each other’s personal and professional growth.

The couple welcomed two daughters, Susan Anne and Amy Joyce Povich, enriching their family life with warmth and deep connections. Phyllis took to motherhood with dedication, offering her children guidance and support. Despite their efforts to maintain their bond, Phyllis and Maury divorced in 1979, handling the separation with dignity and respect for each other’s wellbeing.


Life After Divorce

After her divorce, Phyllis Minkoff carved out a successful career in public relations. Her strategic acumen and excellent communication skills quickly earned her a reputation in media and communications. Her professionalism and commitment to excellence won her widespread respect and admiration in her field.

Phyllis also became an advocate for various social justice causes, using her influence to support political campaigns and empower underrepresented groups. Her resilience and determination to make a positive impact remained strong, guiding her through new challenges and opportunities in her post-divorce life.


Marriage to Phillip Baskin

Following her separation from Maury Povich, Phyllis Minkoff found love again with Phillip Baskin, a respected attorney and councilman from Pittsburgh. They married in 1980, creating a new family dynamic enriched by mutual respect and shared values. Their union brought two more children into Phyllis’s life, Shoshana Nudel and Janice Gondelman, whom she raised with the same love and dedication.

As they faced life’s challenges, including Phillip’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Phyllis stood by him with unwavering support and compassion. Despite the difficulties, their love and commitment to each other remained strong, providing a stable and nurturing environment for their family.


Career and Professional Accomplishments

Phyllis Minkoff established herself as a leading figure in the public relations industry. Her insightful strategies and ability to handle complex situations propelled her to the top of her profession. She was particularly adept at managing crises and spearheading effective media campaigns, showcasing her creativity and tenacity.

Her contributions to public relations went beyond mere professional success; she profoundly influenced the perception and implementation of public relations practices, inspired colleagues, and shaped the future of the industry. Phyllis’s dedication to excellence and her innovative approach to communication mark her legacy in the field.


Family and Personal Life

Beyond her professional achievements, Phyllis Minkoff dedicated herself to her family, providing a strong foundation for her children’s successes. Both Susan Anne and Amy Joyce followed in their parents’ footsteps, making significant strides in their respective careers. Phyllis’s role as a matriarch is reflected in her children’s accomplishments and the strong values she instilled in them.

Phyllis’s personal life is filled with diverse interests that enrich her daily experiences. She actively participates in cultural events, pursues various hobbies, and enjoys quality time with her family and friends, approaching life with enthusiasm and a zest for new experiences.


Legacy and Impact

Phyllis Minkoff’s legacy transcends her professional achievements, deeply impacting her community and family. Her commitment to integrity, compassion, and excellence has inspired many to strive for personal and professional greatness. As a mentor, mother, and community leader, Phyllis has left an indelible mark on everyone she has touched, creating a legacy of kindness, generosity, and enduring influence.


Phyllis Minkoff Net Worth

Phyllis Minkoff’s estimated net worth stands at around $1 million, reflecting her successful career in public relations and her strategic financial management. This wealth also includes the benefits accrued from her high-profile marriage to Maury Povich, although the specifics of their divorce settlement are private. Likely, the settlement contributed significantly to her financial standing.

Her robust career and smart investments have shaped her financial trajectory. As Phyllis plans for the future, her focus is likely on legacy planning to ensure that her financial resources continue supporting the causes she cares about and providing for her family. Her approach to wealth management emphasizes prudence, generosity, and a commitment to making a lasting impact.



Reflecting on Phyllis Minkoff’s life and achievements, we see a portrait of a woman who has not only excelled in her professional field but has also made significant contributions to her community and family. Her journey through various personal and professional landscapes showcases her resilience, intelligence, and compassion. Whether through her professional endeavors in public relations, her commitment to her family, or her philanthropic efforts, Phyllis has demonstrated a profound ability to influence and inspire those around her.

Phyllis Minkoff’s story is one of overcoming adversity, embracing challenges, and leaving a legacy of strength and inspiration. Her life’s work continues to encourage future generations to pursue their passions with integrity and determination. As we look at the broad scope of her impact, it’s clear that Phyllis Minkoff’s legacy will resonate for many years, guiding and inspiring future leaders in public relations and beyond. Stay in the loop by visiting Pulse Life Magazine frequently for the most up-to-date information.